No Rise

No Rise is a place to live.

By the water, and in it, the checkered volumes, each themselves and in ensemble, contain a new kind of unitary urbanistic manifold. The masses are volumetrically planned, with a fractal interior partition between the freely occupiable space (both flat and basin), and a poché which encloses the technical interior (an informatic infrastructure that supports 100 percent of the use-need at all scales of necessity). In other words: all spatial use cases (personal to societal, private to communal) play out within a continuous multi-modal interior of nested diminishing self-similar pools, domes, canals, and corridors. And all spatial need cases (domestic to continental, bodily to ecological) are served across the interface partition wall-type which forms all of the interior surfaces, and which encloses the variegated and non-occupiable space of “pipes and wires” that constitute this technical interior.

No Rise spans a ceaselessly fluctuating coastal boundary between dry land and ocean, delineated as a spatiotemporal region; a fuzzy line in the sand, all the way around. Throughout its hyper-surface, all geography (coordinal and monumental) has been abandoned, superseded by a spectral and correlative orientation logic, enabled and enacted by the pervading poly-protocol communication mesh which is active and operable everywhere. In this way, there is no longer any sense of location, and instead just senses of activation, here and there, within the now unified terrestrial realms of geosphere, biosphere, and noosphere.