Growing up, I used to drive

Growing up, I used to drive

I used to ask for directions

the car was my social space

and the interactions that I had in the

car were my entertainment

blinding twisting black asphalt

I used to drive around

because I didn't want to be home

I would ask people directions to

places that I knew

how to get to

to hear their answers

their minds visualizing a

route to a direction.

their words made a map

sometimes it felt bad

to ask for directions

from someone who gave

a thoughtful, kind answer,

that really tried to help


get to where I said

that I wanted to go

it made me sad

that I did that

but it was exciting

because I could listen

to someone visualize space

and describe

it to me

it also felt out of time

this is early GPS time

I think I had a GPS

but that is flat

like a paper map

that knows where you are

I don’t want to know where I am

I want to feel lost

I feel embarrassed I did this

it’s like I lied

to these people

that were trying to help

with their time

recalling the directions

in their minds

while I watched

them think about it

young, juvenile, naive

I don’t ask for directions


I just wander

and try

to recreate the feeling

of remembering directions

this one


I was asking for directions

and this older woman

was being nice

but was a little startled

by the question

how do you get to

the high school

and there are headlights

behind me coming to pass

my pulled over car

the woman said

oh you should

ask that cop for directions

that just pulled up

next to you

I said okay and

rolled down my passenger

side window

and asked the cop

how do you

get to the

high school.

I don’t like


and I really don’t

want to lie

to this fucking


I have to

say he


gave me

incredibly accurate directions

to the high school

I know this

because I knew

precisely how

to get to




he then asked

me what are you supposed to do

when you drive up

to a stop sign

I said stop,


and he said


and that I didn’t

stop at a stop


don’t do

it again

okay cop

so basically

that was the

last time I asked

someone for directions