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Offramp 13
Spring/Summer 2017

As our lifestyles become more immersive, we are increasingly less aware of our congenital modes of experience. The ubiquity of digital technology has rearranged and restructured these modes, simultaneously creating illusive, yet palpable relationships to one another and our mechanisms of interaction. Our unprecedented access to the Internet, enables us to consume news, images, and information (both legitimate and illegitimate) rapidly. As a result, we interact with media superficially, obligated to instantly accept or reject the outward appearance of things in the form of ‘likes’ and emojis. This commodification of form and image has profound implications for the discipline; in the way we produce, discuss, and represent architecture. Offramp 13: Guise includes essays and projects that reflect on the oscillation between observing what is immediately perceivable and contemplating the indexicality of its construction.


Michael Young, Ferda Kolatan, Florencia Pita, Marcelyn Gow, Jia Gu, David Eskenazi, Keith Marks, Garet Ammerman, Matthew Lopez, Pierce Myers, Andrew Goodhouse, Albert Ferré, Todd Gannon, Marcelo Spina

Studies for Ida in a Picturesque Landscape #1
Offramp 12
Fall/Winter 2016

The essays and texts included in this issue examine the relationship architectural discourse has with other disciplines and the effects on and of architecture. By shedding light on these relationships, Offramp 12 establishes new frameworks through which to view projects seeking such aesthetic variation.


Maya Alam, Mari Beltran, Graham Harman, Kallipoliti + Theodoridis, Ted Krueger, Elena Manferdini, Jason Payne, Michael Rotoni, Sehwail + Zimmermani, Martin Summers, Josh Taron

Offramp 11
Spring/Summer 2016

Would it be blasphemous to propose that contemporary discourse is over-saturated with discussions of architectural objects? Recent debates on the desirable qualities of objecthood--legibility, abstraction, and so on--appear to have reached an impasse. 


Besler & Sons, Jennifer Bonner, Benjamin Flowers, Stephen Nova, Florencia Pita, Alexander Robinson, Carolyn Strauss, Neyran Turan, Nora Wendl, Tom Wiscombe

Xefirot Shenzhen 1
Offramp 10
Fall/Winter 2015

Offramp 10 seeks essays and projects questioning architecture’s alternatives for cultural value. What possibilities for form and program, what challenges for material and immaterial qualities reveal features re-thinking architecture’s purpose beyond use?


Volkan Alkanoglu, Hernan Diaz Alonso, Kristy Balliet, Barbara Bestor, Elizabeth Keslacy, Alfie Koetter and Emmett Zeifman, Anthony Morey and Duygun Inal, Zachary Tate Porter, Shane Reiner-Rot, M. Casey Rehm

Fig 11
Offramp 9
Spring/Summer 2015

Granting that architectural representations are in themselves a form of truth, what do they actually represent? What is the nature of their plural truths? To what degrees do falsehood, deceit, fiction, and lies play in this analysis? These are some of the questions Offramp 09 sets out to ask.


Laurel Broughton, Joe Day, Ramiro Diaz-Granados, Debbie Garcia, Perry Kulper, Bruna Mori, Kyle Miller, Roxy Paine, Pita + Bloom, John Southern, Uri Wegman, Michael Young